Sweena Harvey
Sweena Harvey 16 uur geleden
I need to know much .on the email info am in .etc
Willie Cuthbertson
Willie Cuthbertson 16 uur geleden
I didn't think they could do worse than the first one, low and behold...they have! And then they go and top it off by casting John Cena 😂💩
ola 16 uur geleden
no no no not tanner pls not tanner WHY
Skylar Dreyer
Skylar Dreyer 16 uur geleden
I thought the invisible guy would be hotter
Sam Dabrowski
Sam Dabrowski 16 uur geleden
Okay! Looks so good
a mira
a mira 16 uur geleden
Anyone know the song title at 1:53 ?
Szabó Virpi
Szabó Virpi 16 uur geleden
great cast!
Ssekandi Mariam
Ssekandi Mariam 16 uur geleden
🤣🤣🤣🤣 Can't wait to watch it
Yhwh yhwh
Yhwh yhwh 16 uur geleden
Umair Malik
Umair Malik 16 uur geleden
What is the name of movie
Lucas Delgado
Lucas Delgado 16 uur geleden
Beyoncé decided to let Sia out of her basement to shoot this movie
Muhammad Safwan
Muhammad Safwan 16 uur geleden
Sweena Harvey
Sweena Harvey 16 uur geleden
How much is on the account..I need the email.
LaTiara Stewart
LaTiara Stewart 16 uur geleden
This will be good!
anissa lashae
anissa lashae 16 uur geleden
This is also a great podcast!!
Denis Karngong
Denis Karngong 16 uur geleden
Definitely gonna check it out.
cherrysicles 16 uur geleden
i wanted to watch the kdrama not this shit
TinyTimgamer 16 uur geleden
I think I’m more exited for Pete Davidson then anything els
Kat Impossible
Kat Impossible 16 uur geleden
That rendition of Ordinary World gave me goosebumps
Kaitlynn Kelley
Kaitlynn Kelley 16 uur geleden
I've listened to the podcast. I personally believe he is a psychopath
jade tvtk
jade tvtk 16 uur geleden
i'm watching this again, and i'm waiting for season 2. drop season 2 now!
Натанаил Сталев
Натанаил Сталев 16 uur geleden
JESUS is Lord God!
keren pojoy
keren pojoy 17 uur geleden
omg blackpink how you like that
PARZIVAL 190 17 uur geleden
0:26 so excited
B G 17 uur geleden
Cristian slater. Joshua Jackson. Alec balwin hell yeah
Benyamin Bardwell
Benyamin Bardwell 17 uur geleden
Is it out yet?
Roy Generous
Roy Generous 17 uur geleden
Here I thought 💭💭💭💭💭💭💭 it was sweet tooth from twisted metal franchise. I was waiting for some ice cream truck an homing rocket 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 barrage to rain down on the town an it's people. With the sinister laugh.
Tiana roberge roberge
Tiana roberge roberge 17 uur geleden
So funny 🤣
Study Love Best
Study Love Best 17 uur geleden
I was just watching this....then suddenly Blackpink's "HOW YOU LIKE THAT INTRO" came ...and I was like is it the notification? Cuz the song is my notification tune......but then the trailer continued ...and I am Like!!! OMG!! They used BLACKPINK'S SONG!!!
Miltosss 17 uur geleden
this the chocolate factory girl?
Brittany Paradise
Brittany Paradise 16 uur geleden
What about Bridge to terabithia?!
Mwaka Kashinka
Mwaka Kashinka 17 uur geleden
Anet Namestkova
Anet Namestkova 17 uur geleden
Is it good to watch with my mum?
Becca p
Becca p 17 uur geleden
Josh jackson yay!!!
shawn connery
shawn connery 17 uur geleden
So they made a movie based off of a party game? I'm sure it will be remembered forever.
ELECTRO INVENTION 17 uur geleden
4 will not be amazing
Itz Julia
Itz Julia 17 uur geleden
Itz Julia
Itz Julia 17 uur geleden
They were gonna harley when harley got out😂
borgil baysakh
borgil baysakh 17 uur geleden
When this movie gonna be end? lol
GamingwithBenji101 17 uur geleden
this is sooooooooooooooooo sad
Melin4ted_ Bookworm
Melin4ted_ Bookworm 17 uur geleden
Um yea these the type of Lifetime movies I b tryin 2 warn my mom about cuz they ain't worth watchin 😂😂😂😂😂
Arlette Hahn
Arlette Hahn 17 uur geleden
Sly Cooper
Sly Cooper 17 uur geleden
I'm in love with Harley Quinn :@(
Merylholicerin 17 uur geleden
I don't say this show is bad. But why on earth do they cancel brilliant Spinning out and do another figure skating show? Do they expect more viewers on this one? Don't get it.
Scrumptious сука
Scrumptious сука 17 uur geleden
I know sia is wrong for not apologizing for this but is it really bad acting an autistic person? Because i saw some movies and a kdrama that acting out an autistic person and no one was mad about it. But I'm not defending I'm just curious
3ft Ninja
3ft Ninja 17 uur geleden
I think being trapped in a pool where you're staying on the surface makes you 0ft deep but I dunno.
Bazatron Murphy
Bazatron Murphy 17 uur geleden
Netflix will make any auld shite that's a comic property
Roach is Alive
Roach is Alive 17 uur geleden
John cena meant to be in here but I just see a floating bucket instead bit disappointed
Rafael Angelo De Torres
Rafael Angelo De Torres 18 uur geleden
Everyone is turning human except Mavis & dennis
CR7Q7A7 YÜCE 18 uur geleden
Sandip Paudel
Sandip Paudel 18 uur geleden
Her HairStyle is like @Melanie Martinez.
Farhan 18 uur geleden
Good one trailer in 2021.
William Walshe
William Walshe 18 uur geleden
You could of made the mandarin asian and the asian audience would have apreciated it...then you make iron fist white and then pull this pandering bullshit.
Sani Maqbol
Sani Maqbol 18 uur geleden
it looks like fan made don't ruin the the suicide squad by adding these too much funny characters.This suit's only on Harley Quinn
William Walshe
William Walshe 18 uur geleden
Does anyone else just watch these to see how stupid they get?
Ino Yamanaka
Ino Yamanaka 18 uur geleden
“I’d break ya back...den you’d die...can’t have that”😂😂😂😂
Lacondra Thompson
Lacondra Thompson 18 uur geleden
I like this
Ino Yamanaka
Ino Yamanaka 18 uur geleden
My childhood IS YELLING RIGHT NOWWWWWW they should’ve mad the invisible man hella fine to throw every body off😂😂😂
Corin Dalton
Corin Dalton 18 uur geleden
Mickey Rourke should play Clayface in a Batman film
Olive Jeffrey
Olive Jeffrey 18 uur geleden
This movie is like a video game
Vaishu K
Vaishu K 18 uur geleden
Woah this is something
Dragonborn795 18 uur geleden
Will Smith clearly didn't want to come back. Not surprising as he's apparently well known not to come back for sequels. And before anyone says it, I'm aware he was in three MIB movies. I'm sure there was a reason for it.
W1es Inspirational
W1es Inspirational 18 uur geleden
Its such a stupid movie franchise...I am part of the car scene, and they left us at number 2....everything else has been hollywood bullshit, and its so annoying that the actors are in such strong belief this is some real good shit...when it really aint..
Josh O
Josh O 18 uur geleden
I'm shook. Can't wait to see this!!
Madison Kelly
Madison Kelly 18 uur geleden
I’m not crying you are😭😭
Falan Falan
Falan Falan 18 uur geleden
Andrew's You'niverse
Andrew's You'niverse 18 uur geleden
He looks like Kenu Reeves in the thumbnail
Evan Hall
Evan Hall 18 uur geleden
Looks dumb
bigal25938 18 uur geleden
Bad movie, bad acting.
Tamagochi 18 uur geleden
Omg! Blackpink
Ali Jafar Raza
Ali Jafar Raza 18 uur geleden
Whats up doc!!!
Minh Hoàng Đặng
Minh Hoàng Đặng 18 uur geleden
Where's Drac's new wife, Ericka?
adnan zia
adnan zia 18 uur geleden
This movie looks awful....
Mari M
Mari M 18 uur geleden
Can’t wait
Kiss My Etnies
Kiss My Etnies 18 uur geleden
Did I just see Superman being on the list of Lebron James Dream team? Lol 😆
Dum_ brocolli
Dum_ brocolli 18 uur geleden
*looks at the others while cutting onions*
NoImNotAlan 18 uur geleden
F10 Dom and his 'Family' fight black adam with the avengers or also maybe the asgardians of the galaxy
Юлия 000
Юлия 000 18 uur geleden
Gerson Vicente
Gerson Vicente 18 uur geleden
Now This 1:49 is Yelena From attack on titan in real live 0:52 👏🏽👏🏽
IF I WERE 18 uur geleden
I want to edit myself into this movie so badly!!! Need to find a time though!!!
HOUSE OF BLACKPINK 18 uur geleden
Hotel Transylvania in your area 😉 How You Like That 😃 So exciting 😁 BLACKPINK ~HowYouLikeThat~
Yova Rodz
Yova Rodz 18 uur geleden
Damn, if only was a Twisted Metal live action film trailer.